Hi! I'm Jen.

I'm a full stack engineer.

I'm working on React and Spring apps, check out my Github repos!

I also made a portfolio site with React! Check it out!

CLICK HERE for Multiverse HTML/CSS demo!

More About Me

My name is Jen Perez. I'm a brand new full stack Java developer based in Atlanta, GA. I've been a creator as far back as I can remember. After bouts of writing and drawing comic books with my friends, I listened to my parents and got a "real" degree in Political Science from the University of Georgia. I opened and operated a retail store. I tried working as a banker. I taught fitness classes. But, you can take the girl out of the art, but you can't take the art out of the girl. I've since written a screenplay for a feature film and for a series. (Ask about my IMDb creds later!) I was teaching high school literature up until the COVID pandemic decimated our little private school, and I joined the millions of unemployed Americans.

So, that brings us to today. I discovered web development almost by accident. I was trying to edit and maintain my husband's company website, and the little bit of HTML that I had learned back in the MySpace days wasn't cutting it. (Don't know you had those glitter .gifs too!) I started teaching myself HTML and CSS, which led me to Generation USA.

I applied, and was chosen for the 2021-2022 Generation USA Jr. Full Stack Developer program through Atlanta Technical College. Now, I currently have 560+ training hours and experience developing and programming full stack Java applications. I'm currently working as a junior software engineer, and I hope to be a software architect in the future. My technical skills include: Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Sass, Bootstrap, React, Angular, Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, Spring Security (JWT), Okta/Auth0, REST API's, PostgreSQL, Unit Testing (JUnit, Mockito), SOLID OOP Principles, Dependencies Injection, and Git. I'm always looking to keep learning, and stay current on the latest updates and changes.

My Top Skills

Some of My Recent Projects

Movie Fight


Image-share social media app. Full CRUD. Reactjs frontend, backend. Tailwind css

Check it Out
movie fight

Movie Fight

JS app using OMDb/IMDb API. Bulma for styling.

Check it Out


Flikr clone built with Java. Google & Auth0 login, PostgreSQL. Full CRUD.

Check it Out

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